Sengoku Jidai Shadow of the Shogun Gempei Kassen – SKIDROW

Sengoku Jidai Shadow of the Shogun Gempei Kassen – SKIDROW Overview

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Title: Traditional Juei Kassen’s Sengoku Platform Shadow – SKIDROW
Developer: Byzantine games
the publisher: Slitherine Ltd.
Release date: September 8, 2016
file size: 404.86 MB / Single Link ISO
mirror:, GDrive, Direct FTP Link, Uptobox, Upfile.Mobi


1180 AD, Japan. The clans of the two warriors, Taira and Genji, have been fighting for court rule for decades. After the abdication of Emperor Takakura, Taira seized power, but Genji was reluctant to accept the new situation! Please choose your side. Join the pro-Imperial Army, which aims to maintain the ancient imperial system. The ancient empire system can be operated for their own benefit. Or join the anti-imperial revolution and replace the destroyed imperial system with a strict military regime. The fate of this war will shape the future of the land of the rising sun.

Genpei Kassen brings about 300 years before the Warring States period, one of the greatest conflicts in medieval Japan where the shogun came to power. It features a completely new dynamic campaign that expresses the brutal struggle between Taira and Genji in completely different times. In the late Heian period, the majority of combatants were samurai, and the main weapon of choice was the bow. They were supported by lightly armored infantry wielding naginata. The expansion includes six factions that can be played in skirmish mode. Genpei Kassen also features some improvements from the Warring States period, including a new model of the Naginata unit, a brand new Ashigaru texture, and a new military list!

• Genji Cassen Dynamic Campaign featuring a spectacular struggle between Taira and Genji.
• A brand new era of war! Lead your military in the late Heian period, including six new available factions.
• New graphics for the unit!
• New military list


Sengoku Jidai Shadow of the Shogun Gempei Kassen – SKIDROW cracked, repack for PC. You can download it with direct links below.


System requirements

• OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
• Processor: CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent
• Memory: 1 GB RAM
• Graphics: Graphics: 256MB DirectX card
• DirectX: Version 9.0

Sengoku Jidai Shadow of the Shogun Gempei Kassen – SKIDROW Free Download

Installation notes

1. Unzip the release
2. Mount or write the image
3. Installation
4. Copy the cracked content from the SKIDROW folder to the main installation folder and overwrite it
5. Block the game with a firewall and mark the cracked content with antivirus program as safe / reliable
6. Play the game
7. Let’s support the software that you are actually enjoying!

Note: Being standalone, fully updated and with all previously released DLC

Install Instructions for Sengoku Jidai Shadow of the Shogun Gempei Kassen – SKIDROW

Extract the file

You will first need the Daemon Tool and WinRAR (or related software program) before you start installing the game.

Remember to turn off Firewall, Antivirus earlier when extracting and installing, as they will block or delete cracked files during extraction / setup.

Run Setup file

After extracting the .rar files above, there are 3 cases:

.ISO file (or disk format file):

Right click on the .iso file -> DAEMON Tools -> Mount to -> select the drive you want to mount. Click on the Drive you just mounted, double-click the .exe file and go through the setup step by step. In addition, you can also extract the iso file by winrar then open the .exe file and install.

Setup File:

Determining the setup file might be completely different for you, but you just want to consider the .exe file. Double click it and observe the step-by-step instructions while installing.

There are no .iso files other than the setup file:

The case is very simple, you don't need to do anything, just play the game right now. Click the .exe file to play game!


After you finish installing Sengoku Jidai Shadow of the Shogun Gempei Kassen – SKIDROW, enjoy a great time to play this game. Have a great day!

Extract password (if the file requires):
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